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Winning habits of the thrifty supermom

Posted by Garick Giroir on May 21, 2019


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Thrifty supermoms are the "complete package" when it comes to money, honey. Here are five winning supermom habits you can start using today! 

When you think of a thrifty supermom you probably imagine a strong woman with a kid in one arm and a purse full of cash in the other. Thrifty supermoms seem to have discovered the secret to obtaining nice things without having to spend an arm and a leg for them. That's because every thrifty supermom has picked up good money habits along the way that helped her raise the family while dodging the kryptonite that is financial trouble. Let's review some of the best financial #momhacks the thrifty supermom uses to stay ahead of the curve.

1. She checks her budget before making big purchases
Supermoms avoid making spur-of-the-moment purchases. If the family needs big ticket items like new furniture, transportation or a vacation, supermom checks the budget to see if she can pay for things outright before splurging or going into debt.

2. She buys quality used items
There are so many nice things you can buy used. Thrifty supermoms have a keen eye for a good deal and apply the savings toward other necessities in her budget. Kids want a video game? She buys the game for a fraction of the cost at second-hand stores like GameStop. Need sports equipment? There are thousands of locals selling exactly what you need on online platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

3. She plans meals ahead of time
Thrifty supermom saves a ton of time and cash by establishing up front what her family will eat for dinner throughout the week. Having a menu for the week helps her stick to buying only the ingredients she needs, saving her money and keeping her pantry free of expired, half-full spice jars. Her family understands that eating out is a special privilege that only happens a couple of times a month and know she's impervious to begging pleas to go through the fast food drive-thru.

4. She finds alternative childcare solutions
In this day and age, most thrifty supermoms work 8+ hours a day, which makes it necessary to obtain some form of childcare. The thrifty supermom saves nearly $300 per week on daycare expenses by finding neighbors and acquaintances willing to watch her kids at a discounted price. Alternatively, she has no problem leaving the kids with family members like grandma and grandpa. It brings her peace of mind knowing her kids are in good hands and are getting quality time with people who love them.

5. She auto deposits cash for future expenses
One exceptional way supermoms plan for future expenses is by setting up automatic transfers from their checking account to a secondary savings account. Modern technology makes it easy for them to set up an automatic savings plan. Having an autopilot rainy day fund helps the thrifty supermom focus on other things while knowing exactly where to look when she needs money for short- or long-term goals, like vacations or home improvement projects.

Whether you’re a thrifty supermom, dad, brother, sister or great uncle twice removed, these winning habits can breathe new life into your financial situation. Next time you’re strapped for cash, ask yourself: WWTSMD — What would thrifty supermom do?

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