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Cutting the Cord

How much is your monthly cable or satellite bill? $35? $50? $150? Do you bundle your services? If so, then you are probably paying around $180 a month for cable, internet and phone. That bill comes to $2160 a year. Imagine what you could do with all that money! While it may seem impossible to completely cut out television and internet from our lives, there are ways to pay a little less and save more money. Switching providers or looking for alternatives to cable may be a daunting task, but if the savings are large enough it might not be toO bad. With the help of the internet, retrieving the information and getting experiences from other people has become so much easier.

Customers are starting to realize that they do not need 500 channels. Many of the channels have their own websites where you can view the programs. Now, you may have to wait a few days but it may be worth the savings in the long run. Apple TV, Roku, XBOX and blue ray players now allow you to connect your TV to the internet and stream live programing. If you are afraid that you will miss out on the local channels or sporting events, a digital antenna is all you need. The cost upfront for a digital antenna may be slightly high, but it will give you HD local channels, plus a few extra... even through a hurricane!

Yes, it may be challenging and you will probably need to do a little more research but if you can save half of what you pay, it will be worth it! See if you can trim the cord. Next time you are watching TV, see how many channels you actually watch. You may realize that you can save money and not miss out on your favorite shows.

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