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Traveling Abroad this Fall?

We get quite a few questions about using our Louisiana FCU debit and credit cards oversees, so we asked the experts, Linda and Michelle to answer them for you.

Can I use my Louisiana FCU debit and credit card oversees?

Linda: Sure. Members can use their Debit MasterCard anywhere they see the MasterCard logo. For security reasons we have non-PIN based transactions blocked in some countries.  Members can call to determine if the country they are traveling to is on that list.

Michelle: Members can use their Visa Credit Card anywhere they see the Visa logo. There are no exceptions with Visa cards.


Are there any fees to use my card overseas?

Linda:Members will incur the same foreign ATM fees that they would here in the US if they used an ATM other than one of ours.  At this time, the credit union does not pass foreign exchange fees to the member.

Michelle: For Visa Credit Cards, the International Transaction Fee is 1% to convert the funds or .8% if merchant has already converted funds to US dollars.


If I want to use my Visa credit card to get a cash advance oversees, what will I need?

Linda and Michelle: Members will need to have their PIN number to make cash advances. It’s as simple as that!


What advice do you have for members traveling overseas?

Linda:Members should make sure we have good phone numbers on their account in case enFact (the security service that monitors debit cards) needs to contact them regarding activity. They should use their card for ATM withdrawals and daily expenses.  If they are purchasing large ticket items, they probably should use a credit card.  They probably should have another card or method of payment just in case their card is restricted and they are unable to get in touch with us.  They should keep the 800 number on the back of the card in a separate place in case they need to report their card lost or stolen or get in touch with a representative if their card is restricted.   

Michelle: Visa cardholders will need to have a ‘travel indicator’ placed on their account. The member simply has to call and let us know the dates they will be traveling to set this up. Without this indicator, their card may be locked since the purchase pattern is outside their normal spending pattern.

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