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What are you saving for?

It was a very casual, lazy afternoon when my five year old daughter came out of her room dressed to impress! She was head to toe in sparkles from her yellow sparkle tutu, to her princess heels, and a glittery fairy wand in her hand. “Mommy!” she exclaimed from the living room to the kitchen where I emptying the dishwasher. “Let’s have a tea party!” Smiling from ear to ear, I granted her request and she ecstatically ran to her room to grab her “fine china” pink tea set. As I was putting the dishes away in the cabinet, I looked...
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New Year, New Goals of Mind, Body, and Pocketbook: My letter to 2016

Well, New Year, you finally came! I have to tell you, I was excited, but yet kind of scared to see you again. You see, when you come around, it is popular in our society to make new goals. After unsuccessfully following the trend and setting goals for myself, I admit, I tend to fail by the end of the year. So, when January and your day approaches, I get a little anxious. But this year, I am more confident and determined not to fail with my new ambitions. This year, I want to focus on a creating a healthier mind...
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What time is it?

Time is the one currency that once spent you cannot get it back. It is very important to invest your time wisely. Whether it’s with your family and friends, while you’re at work, or by yourself; make it a priority to manage your time well. I am usually someone who typically remembers most things that happens throughout each day.  I tend to think to myself, “I have time to do that.” Or, “I will remember that for later.” However, if I am not careful I end up “making time” for everything and everyone and something always falls by the wayside.  Here...
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"Mommy, can we buy it?"

Several weeks ago, my children and I stopped at one of their favorite places, WalMart, to pick up a few things. As you know at this place, you always leave with a whole lot more than what is on your planned list. But, budgets are very important in a working family and I promised myself I would stick to mine. The shopping trip was going great and I was checking things off of my list left and right. As I continued to shop pushing the buggy with what I thought was both children at my side, I quickly noticed that my...
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A Lesson in Saving During College

Saving while you’re in college can feel impossible at times. Trust me, I've been there and it's no fun! Between tuition, lab fees, text books and parking decals, there is no extra money left over for you. Even if you have scholarships, at some point or another you will have to come out of pocket with funds. Here are a couple tips to help you keep a little extra money on hand: Limit how much you eat out.  Buy groceries and create a meal plan for the week. Chances are you will get a healthier meal and have more money in...
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