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If you have these accounts at another financial institution, moving them to Louisiana Federal Credit Union may help you save more. 


The numbers tell the story! Members who have multiple accounts tend to save the most money:

Member Savings Chart.png



Want to start saving more?



Here are a few limited-time offers to help you save more in 2018.

2% Off Auto Refinance
Get a Louisiana FCU Credit Card

Want to see YOUR personalized savings report?

If you're a member of Louisiana Federal Credit Union, there's a good chance we have a personalized savings report that shows you how much you saved last year. Complete the secured form below using the email address associated with your credit union account, and we'll send you your personalized savings report.




How’d you do the math?

As a financial institution, we’re definitely numbers nerds; we're obsessed with saving you money. In case you’re a little like us, we want to give you the scoop on how we calculated your estimated, annualized savings.

The actual formulas vary by account type; however, regardless of account type, we used the same basic method shown below to calculate each of your account’s individual savings amounts. We then added all of your individual amounts together to calculate your total estimated, annualized savings amount. The definitions for each term are further below.

MVS Math equation.

Term Definitions:

Rate Benefit

The rate benefit is the difference between your personal account rate and the average bank account rate for your assigned market area.

Account Balance

The definition varies by account type as follows:

  • For open loans, we used your current account balance (Rate benefit × current Balance) + fees
  • For term loans, we used your original balance (12-month cumulative interest savings based on rate benefit, original balance and term of loan)
  • For Deposits, we used your current balance (Rate benefit × current Balance) + fees

Fee Benefit

The fee benefit represents the difference between the average bank account maintenance fee for your assigned market area and Louisiana Federal Credit Union's account maintenance fee for a comparable account.

What fees are included in the fee benefit calculation?

The only fees included in the calculation are recurring account maintenance fees. We did not include penalty or “occasional” fees such as overdraft fees, stop payment fees, foreign item fees, etc. Louisiana Federal Credit Union has very few account maintenance fees so your membership really helps you save big in the fee area.

What does my estimated, annualized savings amount reflect?

The amount listed on your personalized savings report represents the sum of all of your individual account savings amounts. It reflects the difference between what you paid or earned in interest, fees or rebates at Louisiana Federal Credit Union and what you may have paid or earned on average for comparable accounts at leading banks in your assigned market area. The amounts listed are for illustrative purposes only and do NOT constitute a cash payout, dividend or bonus.

What does “estimated, annualized savings” mean?

Because we compared your personal account rates and fees against the average rates and fees of the collective banks in your assigned market area, we cannot quote exact savings. Instead, the savings represent an estimate based on your personal account rate and balances. Annualized simply means that we’ve estimated your account for an entire year regardless of when you actually opened the account.

Why is there a zero on my report?

A zero simply indicates that when we compared your LFCU account rates and fees with the average bank account rates and fees, you are not actually saving money by having that account with Louisiana Federal Credit Union. There may be other accounts or services that would better suit your needs and help increase your savings. The best thing to do is schedule an appointment to review the membership benefits available to you.

Where did you get the data?

We partnered with Informa Research Services, Inc., Calabasas, CA, www.informars.com to conduct this research. We compared market rates using financial data from November 2017. Although the information Informa provided us has been obtained from banks themselves, neither Louisiana Federal Credit Union nor Informa can guarantee absolute accuracy as rates can change without notice.

Special Offer Conditions: 
Auto: Offer expires 6/30/2018. Loans currently financed with Louisiana FCU are not eligible. Rates based on individual credit. Not all members or vehicles will qualify. Floor rates apply.

Credit Card:The Introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will apply to transactions posted to your account during the first 180 days following account opening. Any existing balances on Louisiana FCU loans or credit cards are not eligible for the Introductory APR for balance transfers. This offer does not apply to business, student and secured credit cards.