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Will I need a down payment?

Yes, 3% of the purchase price is required as your down payment.  The funds may be your own or a gift from someone else.  

What if I own a mobile home? Can I qualify for this loan?

No. Mobile homes are considered a primary dwelling, which would make you a present homeowner.

What if I owned a home before? Would I qualify?

Yes, you may still qualify if you have not owned a home or been on a mortgage loan for at least three years.

Can I get a pre-approval?

Yes, you can. We can also assist in determining your price range.

How does this loan compare to an FHA loan?

Our first-time homebuyer loan has a lower down payment; lower closing fees and lower monthly payments with the possibility of no mortgage insurance payments.

What is PMI?

PMI stands for Private Mortgage Insurance. It is a monthly payment lenders require if you do not put down 20%. 

In addition to my down payment, will I need any additional funds?

Yes, you are required to pay your closing cost, taxes and insurance premiums.

Can the seller assist with these fees?

Yes, please consult with your realtor for help with seller paid fees.