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[Infographic] The difference between a hard and soft credit inquiry

Published on February 19, 2020

When looking at your credit report, have you ever noticed the "inquiries" section?

Inquiries are records that appear on your credit report every time the credit bureau receives a legal request from a company or person to view your credit information.

There are two types of inquiries: A hard inquiry and a soft inquiry

Can you guess which one hurts your credit score?

Check out the infographic below to see how each inquiry differs and what triggers them to occur. 

Scammers are posing as census workers to steal your information

Published on February 13, 2020

Every 10 years, the Census Bureau makes an effort to count every person living in the United States. The census helps to determine if our region is receiving adequate funding from the federal government. 

The process is important — but it's also invasive. Census questions range from "what's your household income" to "how many televisions do you own?".

Due to the sensitive nature of the survey, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a warning that scammers may exploit the process to steal your information.


How to escape your growing credit card debt

Published on January 27, 2020

Paying off debt is not easy.  

In fact, 41% of Americans are currently digging themselves out of credit card debt⁠ — with 7% doubting they’ll pay it off in their lifetime.

The average American has 2 to 3 credit cards, and those annual fees can add up.

Dining etiquette: How to split the bill without getting shafted

Published on January 14, 2020

Dividing the bill after a group meal can be an unsettling experience for the unprepared, and a depressing one for those strapped for cash. When mishandled, splitting the check can force many to pay more than they expected.

How men and women spend their money differently

Published on January 06, 2020

How do men and women stack up against each other in the money management arena? We pulled together dozens of studies to see where the differences lie.