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Discounts for Students

Published on October 25, 2018


Between astronomical tuition bills, piles of textbooks to purchase, foods costs and supplies, being a college student is definitely not cheap. Lucky for you, there are loads of companies out there that think you deserve a budgeting break. Here are five of the best student discounts out there.

Should I Be Concerned About Rising Mortgage Rates?

Published on October 18, 2018


On June 13, the Federal Funds Target rate was increased for the second time in 2018. The rate increase was prompted by optimistic feelings about the general state of the economy. In addition, inflation rates are close to the Feds target goal, while unemployment rates have dropped to 3.8%.


Published on October 11, 2018



If you’re desperate to own a home of your own, you are likely saving up until you have 20% of your dream home’s total value. All that’s great, but the fact is you don’t need to put down 20%. 

How many credit cards should i own?

Published on October 04, 2018


Hopefully, you’re working hard to keep a high credit score by using your cards and paying on time. You may be wondering, if more is better. Is several credit cards and more available credit a good idea or are too many cards a liability to your score? Let’s explore the major components of your credit that scoring agencies, like FICO and VantageScore, use to calculate your score:

Is life really getting more expensive?

Published on September 27, 2018


If you feel like the middle-class squeeze is getting tighter, you’re not alone. The numbers don’t lie: Life really is a more expensive than it used to be. Let’s look at what life costs now compared to 20, 50 and 80 years ago.