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[Infographic] The difference between a hard and soft credit inquiry

Blog_credit score infographic hard pull soft pull

When looking at your credit report, have you ever noticed the "inquiries" section?

Inquiries are records that appear on your credit report every time the credit bureau receives a legal request from a company or person to view your credit information.

There are two types of inquiries: A hard inquiry and a soft inquiry

Can you guess which one hurts your credit score?

Check out the infographic below to see how each inquiry differs and what triggers them to occur. 

Infographic_Credit Score Hard vs Soft Inquiry (1)-1

The takeaway:

Credit scoring models associate numerous hard inquiries with risk. Having six or more hard pulls on your credit reports can make it tougher for you to secure credit with a decent interest rate.  

To avoid this, use caution when building your credit and only take on new debts you know you can afford to pay back. 


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