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It’s never too early to dress for success.

Posted by Garick Giroir on October 07, 2019


Men of Integrity
Louisiana Federal Credit Union donated more than 200 ties to R.K. Smith Middle School in support of their "Men of Integrity" program. 

"Men of Integrity" was started 14 years ago by Principal Harold Blood, who wanted to motivate the young men at his school to be accountable, responsible, and to make a positive impact on society.

“I’m looking to make men into strong leaders in the community,” said Blood. “Every month we have two days where we dress for success. They are to wear neck ties, slacks, and dress shirts to class. Some of the kids say ‘Mr. Blood, I don’t have a tie.’ So, this donation is going to be a big help for us.”

Tie donation

(Left to right) Kim Bourgeois, Rhonda Hotard, Garick Giroir and Principal Harold Blood pose in front a box packed with ties.


When credit union employees caught wind of the program, they decided to hold a donation drive at their quarterly staff meeting in September. Within hours, they collected more than 200 ties. One employee, who recently left his job in the banking industry, donated a 13-gallon bag full of ties that he had purchased over the years for work. “It’s not like I need them anymore,” he stated while repping his Louisiana FCU polo

“Look at how many ties they brought,” exclaimed Jaden Champagne, eighth grader at R.K. Smith. “It’s enough for sixth, seventh and eighth grade combined.”

Students with ties

“The students love it,” said Blood. “When they first saw the neckties, one of my students said, ‘oh, I’m not going to wear that,’ now he’s walking up asking if he can keep it. Thank you, Louisiana Federal Credit Union, for taking the time and thinking about us.”

Louisiana FCU and R.K. Smith Middle School are currently planning a financial literacy course for this school year that will teach students how to be responsible with money, setting them up for success for years to come.