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The practical way to reach your financial goals: Share Certificates

Posted by Garick Giroir on July 24, 2019


Blog_ How to use a certificate of deposit (CD) to meet your financial goals.

Want your money to work a little harder but are hesitant to play the stock market? A share certificate can help you manage and plan for your future. Share Certificates are one of the safest ways to quickly grow your cash, and since it’s easy to estimate your earnings, this type of savings account is a great low-risk investment option that you can hold at a credit union.

What is a Share Certificate?

A Share Certificate serves a similar function as a savings account, but with a better interest rate. The big difference is that Share Certificates require you to leave your money untouched for a set length of time (or else you’ll pay a penalty).

How can Share Certificates help you reach financial goals?

Saving for a new house? A new car? A fancy vacation? Next year’s holiday presents? Share Certificates are great for large purchases like these. When it comes time to make the purchase, you will have more in your certificate account than you originally deposited, which makes your goal that much easier to reach.

share certificate money growth

The benefits of a share certificate.


They are predictable. Share certificates grow consistently courtesy of slow, steady interest.

They are safe. No matter what the market does, share certificates will continue to grow at the rate you locked in on day one. Share Certificates are one of a few investments considered a “cash-equivalent.” That is, safe as cash but offer slightly higher returns. They are the “safe way to save” compared to stocks and bonds.

They are flexible. Share certificates allow you to choose a term that fits your savings goals. At Louisiana FCU, terms range from six months to five years.

Whether you’re building your savings for a short-term goal or looking to grow your account balance, Share Certificates are a smart choice for money that you want to keep safe over a relatively short period but won’t need to access.

Interested in opening a share certificate? You came at the right time! Louisiana FCU is currently offering a limited time one-year Share Certificate at a highly competitive rate.