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Workshop Recap: Sending your child to college

Posted by Lyndsey Delatte on June 20, 2017

Sending Your Child to College.

Member workshops are one of the many ways our team helps educate our members and our local community. The workshops are held monthly and cover a variety of topics, including Social Security, retirement planning, identity theft, budgeting, estate planning and more. Last month we presented Sending Your Child to College. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Room and board is often the largest expense associated with college. It can cost just as much, if not more than tuition.
  • Parents beware! Students can get loans WITHOUT proving they are in need. Unsubsidized loans are very easy to apply for. Your child won’t even need your signature. 
  • Before you consider student loans, look for grants and cash scholarships from local businesses in your community.
  • Bankruptcy does not forgive student loan debt.
  • Books are expensive. Rent them, don’t buy them. Students can rent books online and ship them back for free when the semester is over.
  • Louisiana Start is the best college savings option. Learn more about it here.

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